Preston Grubbs, Designer

S'Monsters Packaging


S'Monsters S'mores

Making s’mores often brings back memories of my boy scout days. We would sit around the campfire, drop a few flaming marshmallows in the dirt and tell stories while we all tried to act cool rather than scared. My team decided to take inspiration from campfire stories and bring that nostalgia into our packaging. We created 3 different characters who would represent different flavors of s’mores: Classic, Mint and Strawberry. Each character has their own unique attributes and personality.

In addition to the fun characters, we looked at how s’mores ingredients are currently packaged. The ingredients are all different sizes, have bulky, wasteful packaging and are a burden to pack for a quick camping trip. S’Monsters makes it easy. The ingredients are ready to roast, stack and enjoy.

S'Morton /   S'Matt   /   S'Molly

S'Morton /   S'Matt   /   S'Molly